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Medical Reserve Corps of Greater Kansas City

The Medical Reserve Corps of Greater Kansas City (MRCKC) is made up of volunteer members who are ready to provide support to city and county public health departments throughout the Kansas City area. These agencies will need qualified volunteers to assist them IF a large-scale public health emergency situation should arise. Trained volunteers may be needed to assist in dispensing medicines or administering immunizations for a large number of persons. Public health agencies are working together to recruit, train and utilize a regional corps of volunteers.

Nationally, the Medical Reserve Corps is the component of the Citizen Corps that brings together local health professionals and others with relevant health-related skills to volunteer in their community. The Medical Reserve Corps provides health professionals and others an organized mechanism through which they can volunteer their time and skills to strengthen their communities by preparing for and responding to large-scale emergencies and disasters, such as an influenza epidemic, chemical release or act of terrorism.

The Kansas City metropolitan area’s Medical Reserve Corps unit, MRCKC, is intended to supplement the resources of the local public health infrastructure in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster. MRCKC does not replace or supplant the existing public health system or its resources. Volunteers work under the direction of the local public health departments and are incorporated into their operations. However, MRCKC includes specific leadership positions, all held by volunteers.

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