Regional Homeland Security Coordinating Committee

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Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee

The Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee serves as a forum for local emergency managers to discuss and resolve regional issues, problems, projects and activities related to all-hazards emergency management. The MEMC's mission is to foster coordination, communication and cooperation among local emergency management and allied organizations through the development of policies, procedures, educational programs and resource materials related to all-hazards emergency management.

The committee includes both formal members -- emergency managers from cities and counties in the MARC region, local representatives from the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the National Weather Service, and representatives from state and federal emergency management agencies -- and affiliate members from public, private and non-profit organizations whose scope of work or interests are consistent with the MEMC's mission, such as construction, engineering, health/medical, insurance/risk management, media, resource and mitigation, transportation and utility companies.

The MEMC oversees a Plans Subcommittee which recently completed work on the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) plan.

For more information, visit the MEMC website.